Alex Christensen has been engaged in Sound Designing and Mixing since 2013. At that time, Alex began in Studio Mixing for the Music Industry and has over the journey expanded their experience to include dozens projects ranging from Music Production, to Film and Television, and Online content.


We strongly believe that each project has a world of it's own; that needs to be crafted and imagined carefully and with thought. Thus going into every project we ensure that each project has a unique and distinct sound that pushes its audience into the emersion of its world. To us, it's not obvious visual cues that make a design, it's those little unexpected details off-screen that make a world believable.


We offer high quality audio correction to convert on-location or foley recordings to a polished level. Using advanced audio analysis software we're able to remove or substantially reduce almost any inconsistencies in your recording. We are frequently requested to remove refrigerator noises, traffic and unintended footsteps during shots.


We utilize the Advanced Izotope RX software package in collaboration with Pro Tools and Adobe Audition to perform any correction. Izotope, when used properly, is known for having the ability to remove specific sounds without removing background noise or interrupting dialogue quality.


Along with access to several sound libaries, we also offer high quality foley recording. As many projects require specific sounds that can't be found in sound libraries (or require unique versions of those sounds), we are happy to provide Foley sourcing services to complete your project.


We use Sound Devices Pre-amps, and a combination of Schoeps and Sanken microphones to capture foley for your project, ensuring only the highest of quality.


We have considerably experience using Stereo and Ambisonic equipment to record ambiences and foley for Surround Sound and/or VR productions.


All projects are mixed and monitored on Pro Tools software. As such many plug-ins are available to ensure the correct mix is achieved. For example, action films require specific compressors to be used to reduce a dB reading, while increasing the peceived impact.


No matter what the requirement of your finished project is we can handle an audio export to suit it. We are frequently requested to work within specific Film Festival or Television broadcast requirements, which can only be done using advanced audio waveform analyses for loudness readings.


As all projects differ to some degree, wether it be in gear requirements, length or asset sourcing. Therefore we prefers to quote based on specific job requirements, to ensure an acurate cost can be quoted.


Payment must be made within 7 days after the final export date*
*With the exception of projects that require greater than 21 days of work, in which case payment terms will be negotiated on date of job acceptance.


If cancellations are made after the official job acceptance, a % of work performed x the agreed amount will be charged.

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