Alex Christensen has been recording on-location dialogue for Film & Television since 2015. Since then he has been part over a 100 projects for Features Film, Short Films, Television, Documentaries, Corporate & Social Media.


With a considerable diversity of projects, Alex has been able to continuously grow his techniques in capturing great location audio. With a great respect for using traditional recording methods such as Perspective Sound and Microphone Capsule utilization, he aspires the golden era of uniquely mixed sound in film.


- We provide our own high quality industry standard gear with up to 5 wireless channels
- We can export a variety of sound files and provide Sound Reports at the end of the day
- We have lots of experience with difficult situations in recordings


All shoots have variables, and as such we are prepared for as many difficulties as possible, previously dealing with the following problems:


Wether it be rain, hail or even a sea-borne shoot, we have the experience to handle it.


With many lavalier mounting/transmitter harness solutions at our disposal, we can deal with any almost any costume. We utilize Lav Guy Solutions, Ursa and Rycote products which are professional used in Hollywood to diffuse scratchy or loud costumes, hence providing the best quality sound posible.


Often with location shoots, generators are required to provide power to set, which can also be detrimental to the sound quality. With sound blankets, correct generator placement and proper microphone choice, you can have a generator on set without it being detrimental to the mix.


Alex owns a variety of industry standard high-quality sound recording equipment, all of which can be used on your production.


All recorders, microphones and wireless gear available are of Hollywood standard; frequently seen on big budget films to allow for the highest quality outcome soundwise. Sound Devices (Mad Max: Fury Road) Recorders, Lectrosonics (La La Land) & Zaxcom Wireless (The Hobbit) and Sanken (The Hateful Eight) & Schoeps Microphones are are among the gear owned.

For a full list of gear click here


As all shoots differ to some degree, wether it be in gear requirements, shoot length or difficulty. Therefore we prefers to quote based on specific job requirements, to ensure an acurate cost can be quoted.


Payment must be made within 14 days after final shoot date*
*With exception to shoots that run for more than 7 days, in which payment must be made fortnightly (14 days from initial shoot date)


If cancellations are made less than (and including) 3 days prior to initial shoot date, the initial 25% payment will not be refunded

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