Zaxcom Nova
High quality 16-track mixer/recorder with timecode; AES and mixing.

Sound Devices 788T/CL-8
High quality 8-track recorder with timecode; with portable mixer.

Sound Devices MM-1
High quality single channel preamp with headphone output


2 x Schoeps CMC641
Interior Super-cardioid Microphones

Schoeps CM562
High quality Omni-Directional Microphone

Sanken CS-3E
Exterior Shotgun Microphone w/ Deadcat

2 x DPA 6060
Extremely small high quality omni-directional lavaliers for plain-sight hiding

6 x DPA 4063
High quality omni-directional lavaliers of varrying colours

2 x Sanken COS11D
High quality omni-directional lavaliers

Shure SM57
Dynamic microphone for instrumental recordings

Shure SM58
Dynamic microphone for vocal recordings

WIRELESS (10 Channels)

2 x Zaxcom MRX414 + 8 x TRXLA3.6
(Block 23/24/25/26) Quality quad receivers with 6 transmitters

1 x Zaxcom QRX200 + 2 x ZMT-Ph2
(Block 20/21/22/23) 1 High quality dual stereo receiver with Phantom power transmitter for Plant mics

1 x Zaxcom TRX900CL + 1 x RX900S + 2 x ERX
(Block 21/2.4GHZ) High quality stereo camera link transmitter, with 1 x stereo receiver and 2 IFB Receivers.

1 x Lectrosonics UM400A + 4 x R1a
(Block 26) High quality mono IFB transmitter, with 4 IFB UHF Receivers.


1 x Ambient ACN-LS Lockit Slate
Modular Timeslate Slate w/ Display

2 x Ambient Nano Lockits
Tiny sync boxes with wireless connection


Pro Tools 11HD
Professional mixing software with surround sound capability

Avid 192 I/O
Digitally interface for Pro Tools 11HD/10HD; allows 16 x Analog In/Out, 8 x digital In/Out

Izotope 6 RX Professional
Audio correction software, helpful to remove specific audio problems

Adobe Audition
Audio correction and mix loudness meters. Helpful for monitoring a products legal levels.


6 x Ursa Straps Wireless Holder
Straps for mounting transmitters to actors

2 x Sound Guys Chest Straps
Chest strap for hairy actors

2 x Sound Guys Lav Drops
Weighted lav drop, to allow actors to unintrusively be mic'd up

Remote controller for 788T Sound recorder to allow fast entry of note data wirelessly.

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