If you require any gear that is not on this rate sheet; i.e. specific recorders, microphones, mixers or cables etc, contact us and we can organise a personalised quote.

LABOUR (per Day)

Price $AUD

Half Day (up to 5 hours)


Full Day (up to 10 hours)


Extra Hours (up to 14 hours)

$100 per hour

EQUIPMENT (All listed below)

Basic (All Listed Below)

Sound Devices Cl-8 Mixer

2 x Sennheiser EW100 G3 Radio Microphone System

Sanken CS-3E Shotgun Microphone

K-Tek KE 110 Boom Pole



Extras (All Listed Below)

Lectrosonics UM200C (Transmitter) + UHF210D (Receiver) + Sanken Cos11D

$50 each

Neopax Transmitter Holder (for Talent)

$5 each

Sennheiser Mkh40 (Cardiod) + Mkh30 (Bi-Directional) - M/S Stereo Recording Microphone Setup


Sound Devices MM-1 Pre-amp


K-Tek KE 89 Boom Pole - For secondary boom op


Sound Devices 788T Recorder (8 Track/Timecode)


Zoom F8 Recorder (8 Track/Secondary Recorder)


2 x Denecke SB-T w/ Cables (Timecode sync - audio & camera)


Sennheiser EW100 G3's Radio Microphone System (for Scratch track)

$40 each


If you require any job that is not on this rate sheet, contact us and we can organise a personalised quote.


Basic (using Adobe Audition)

Per Hour


Per Day


Advanced (using Izotope Rx 5)

Per Hour



Basic (Stereo)

Per Hour


Advanced (5.1)

Per Hour



Recordings will be captured at nearest relevant location with a Sound Devices 788T Recorder, unless specified otherwise.

16-bit, 48kHz

$125 per hour

24-bit, 48kHz

$155 per hour

16-bit, 96kHz

$140 per hour

24-bit, 96kHz

$170 per hour

16-bit, 192kHz

$155 per hour

24-bit, 192kHz

$185 per hour

Payment Terms

Payment will be made in two segments:
25% no more than 3 days prior to initial shoot date
75% up to 14 days after final shoot date*

*with exception to shoots that run for more than 7 days, in which payment must be made fortnightly (14 days from initial shoot date)

Cancellation Note

If cancellations are made less than (and including) 3 days prior to initial shoot date, the initial 25% payment will not be refunded

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